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An experience with the internet store from hell.
Published on April 7, 2009 By Servius In Business



Well, I would just like to share some recent troubles I've been having with an online store called Toys n' Joys. I am sharing my experience with this lousy company with you guys and gals in hope that none of you in the community attempt to buy from them. Oh and you realize that researching an online store you're unfamiliar with is extremely important.

 Ok this all started when I wanted to get a birthday gift for my brother. He is a huge fan of Anime and Manga. His favorite Anime and Manga is Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Now, I am not a fan of Anime and Manga usually but I make an exception for this one..It is that good! The Manga is especially good as it is much longer than the Anime, which only covers 25 episodes or the first 13 volumes of the Manga.

 Anyways, I decided to buy him this statue of the main character from Berserk: Guts. (http://www.art-of-war.co.jp/english/items/detail.php?gid=178). Now this particular statue is extremely rare and only 300 where ever made!   I searched and searched and much to my dismay I could not find it and my brother’s birthday came and went. However I never did give up looking for it. I did eventually find one (Thousands of Google searches later) on sale at the website I am talking about. (http://www.toysnjoys.com/). Much to my surprise they had it! I was overwhelmed with feelings of amazement. So I wasted no time in ordering it. This folks is where it all went downhill.

 I sat there for hours looking at the images of the statue. I couldn't believe I had found it and now I was going to finally be able to give my brother the present he deserved. I finally went to sleep, even though it was extremely hard to sleep because of my excitement.

 I awoke the next morning feeling awesome, super, great yada yada. I checked my email and much to my dismay there was no email from Toys n' joys. Not even a conformation email that I had placed the order. So, I went and checked my bank account. What do you know? They had charged me the night I ordered it. I was ok with that and I thought nothing of it. Well, it took them over a week to get off their butts and finally send me an email saying that they had received my payment. It also stated they had processed it and that they would send me a tracking number for it because they would be shipping it the next day. That was the one and only communication I’ve had with them, other than to a complaint I filed.

 I was again over joyed that the statue was shipping soon and that it would be here within the week. I forgot to mention that I paid a nice extra fee for fast shipping and that the actual Toys n' Joys sop is located in Hawaii. Well guess what? A week went by and it never came.

 I told myself this is because it was sent through USPS, and well you know how government services are. Another week went by and nothing. So I decided I'd call them around 2 pm my time (EST in Florida.) and see what was goin' on. They didn't pick so I tried again an hour later. I got nothing again. I tried several more times and eventually waited till the next day to start calling again. I eventually started getting a busy signal every time I called. So I sent them an email asking them again, WHAT the heck is taking it so long to arrive? The shipping method I ordered said it'd be at my doorstep or local post office in three days. A week goes by and phone calls turn up nothing so I give up that route. The emails I send also garner no reply. So finally I decided to research this wonderful <sarcasm> Toy/ Retail business. I was hoping that this was some fluke and that this was not a normal practice of Toys n' Joys.

 Good lord did the flood gates of information open when I typed their name in Google and added 'reviews' on the end of it. Specifically this website (http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Toys_N_Joys) helped me learn that Toys n' Joys was a pretty bad business and they've been taking people’s money and never shipping their item or 'accidently' charging the wrong amount for years. I spent many hours reading these reviews and I retained much information. I learned that this company has over 100 complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau, (http://hawaii.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=55&bbb=1076&firm=2468) most importantly that there was a way, to actually reach these people and get your money back. This was through the Better Business Bureau. There was also the option of complaining to the Hawaiian State Attorney and if you paid through Pay Pal you can open a dispute, which I've learned from this experience is probably the best option, IF you paid through Pay Pal that is. So I was like "YEAH more power to the people! Specifically the consumer."

 I wasted no time filing a complaint with the BBB and calling the Hawaiian State Attorney. The State Attorney was no help at all; I called them up and was sent through about 4 or 5 waits and like 6 transfers. Eventually I talked to some guy who took down my information and then said he'd mail me a complaint form. I was like ok. I live in Florida and you're in Hawaii. By the time I mail it back and my complaint is processed and I actually get my money back, I’ll be 80.

 The BBB turned out to be a much better option. Toys n' Joys responded to it after about a week of the BBB trying to get a hold of them. Toys n' Joys said they would cancel my order and they would send me a conformation email upon completion of the transaction. Well, that was today and they have not sent me an email. Honestly I expect it will take them a week or two send me the refund even if they do send it.

 So, here I am writing about this experience so that the rest of you here will know that this company is evil and steals from people. I do still poses a faint glimmer of hope that I will receive my money back or otherwise I have to spend more money to fly to Hawaii and file a lawsuit against them.

 In conclusion I'd like everyone who has been ripped off an stolen from through any internet business to know that you can do something. Don't just let some prick steal your money and think that because it's over the internet you can do nothing. Stealing is stealing! Their theft of my money is no different than if I was robbed by some guy on the street. So please. If anyone who reads this has been ripped off and stolen from in the past, it's no to late to contact the BBB or the FTC or Pay Pal.


 Oh and thanks for reading this long ramble people. Writing this has taken a lot of stress off me! I never knew blogging could feel so good



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